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60ml tin of 100% natural, hand crafted beard balm made in Cumbria.


Paraben free

Cruelty free / no animal testing 

Bergamot and Cedarwood

SKU: BB003
  • Our 60ml tin of Bergamot & Cedarwood  beard balm has been hand formulated by our apothecarist to ensure that it helps shape and control your face fuzz, whilst smelling awesome.


    Our unique blend of cedarwood, bergamot, tee trea and vetiver essential oils gives this balm a zesty, smoky citrus scent mixed with a woody smell that isnt overpowering and will last for hours. They're mixed with our nourishing and 100% natural carrier oils to ensure your beard whiskers are kept moisturised, nourished and healthy all day long. We've also added beeswax to give you a good hold to style your beard and control those unruly hairs.


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